Create super-bookmarks to save time!


  • Can save time
  • Good configuration options
  • Can save multiple routines


  • Too many pop-up messages
  • Some features are very technical


Do you have a web page routine you repeat upon every startup? You can set Firefox to open with various tabs already open, but with DéjàClick you can created complex routines that can be replayed at will.

Once installed in Firefox, all you have to do is hit the record button on the DéjàClick toolbar, reload your start page, then go through your routine.

Hit 'Stop', and you'll have a recording of what you did, including passwords and so on. You can save this routine, which is encrypted and password protected for your security.

Next time you start Firefox, simple click 'Play', and your morning routine will play out in front of you automatically. It's quite weird, as it happens at the same speed you recorded it, so you will see login details being filled in as you typed them.

In the options menu it's possible to speed playback time up, but not to speed it up so you go directly to your destination pages.

When you fist start using DéjàClick, there are too many annoying pop-ups asking for permissions and confirming actions.

These make the process much less easy. However, after this annoying start, DéjàClick works quite well. Whether you like it or not depends on how comfortable you feel watching your routine happening automatically!

It feels unnatural, but can actually be a real time saver, as you can use it to automatically sign in to multiple pages and click through to destinations when you start up Firefox.





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